Welcome to Washington County School District's Online Payment Portal



With this system parents/guardians are able to deposit lunch money, pay for fees, or purchase other items available in the web store using credit or debit cards.  

Touchbase is a secure site.  You can also view and print reports showing student payment history.


You will need a PowerSchool Parent Portal account to access TouchBase. If you don’t have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, please call your student's school office to get an account set up.

Please sign into to PowerSchool to access TouchBase.  The steps below can only be done using an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Android browser, etc. (computer, tablet, smartphone) and CANNOT be done using the Powerschool Mobile App.

  1. Sign into PowerSchool.
  2. Once signed in, click the icon in the left panel labeled Purchases and Payments (see image on left).

    You will immediately be taken to TouchBase without having to sign in...


Parents/Guardians: Do not sign in here



If you are not a parent, but would like to shop Washington County School's online offerings, create an account by clicking HERE.